White Label Payment Gateway and Why Businesses Implement It

on Apr13
white label payment gateway
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white label payment gateway
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Our company’s flagship product is a white label payment gateway. It helps various categories of businesses to smoothly handle digital payments. Indeed, our customers and readers know it well. However, not everyone clearly understands what a white label payment solution is. Moreover, there is a constant debate on whether white label option is better than the one you develop from scratch.

In this article we will remind, when it makes sense to implement a white label payment gateway and how to benefit from it. We will also reiterate the main reasons behind growing popularity of white label gateway solutions.

What is the purpose of a white label payment gateway solution?

A white-label payment gateway allows companies to provide payment processing services using their own brands. At the same time, these companies do not have to develop the respective logic from scratch. Instead, they utilize the payment processing infrastructure, processors’ connectivity, and PCI compliance of a third-party payment gateway provider. As we explained in our respective article, white label solutions come in different flavors.  From a brandable third-party gateway to a licensable open-source code product.

Which companies need a white label payment gateway?

Different white label payment gateway flavors are suitable for various participants of merchant payment processing cycle. From actual merchant service providers to b2b SaaS companies.

Those who need a high risk payment gateway solution might also prefer a white label option. First and foremost, because costs and responsibilities, required to build a custom gateway product from scratch are much higher.

Originally, you might be a SaaS services company. But once you implement a white label PayFac gateway solution, you become the best merchant services provider. At least in the eyes of your sub-merchants.

Motivation to implement white label payment gateway solutions

No matter what your business model is, there is, probably, some white label gateway solution flavor that suits it. So, here are five main reasons why businesses may choose to use a white label gateway.

1. The need for greater control. The service quality of your existing gateway solution is too low. So, you might want to take matters into your own hands in order to improve it in response to the newly emerging challenges. A white label gateway solution offers much more potential for improvement than an ordinary third-party gateway.

2. Value-for-money. Your business has achieved high transaction volumes.  However, transaction processing fees you are currently paying to a 3rd party still exceed the cost of having your own payment solution. So, under the circumstances a white label gateway is a try-it-before-buy-it solution you are looking for.

3. Feature set. Your current processing partner is missing some crucially needed functionality. It is reluctant or unable to implement it on time or can’t incrementally grow functionality as required. A customizable white label gateway option, usually, solves the problem.

4. Logic separation. You need to decouple payment processing logic from the core software platform into a separate product. This move will simplify life cycle development and lower maintenance costs. A hosted or licensed white label gateway solution will allow you to stay focused on your core product.

5. Target areas of operation. You need a payment processing solution for a particular geography or a specific industry but cannot find one. A white label solution might support your target geographies, currencies, or payment types. If it is a customizable, one, you might even be able to add these features yourself. For this purpose, you might use the services of your own or the provider’s development team.


Are you are looking for a new way to promote your brand? Do you want to improve your merchants’ payment experience? Would you like to implement a robust payment technology that brings more control over onboarding, processing, and funding? Take a closer look at UniPay Gateway solution. Feel free to consult our payment experts and request a free demo of our white label payment gateway product.

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