transaction processing

Split Funding Models

Traditionally, when merchants processed their transactions, the processor simply deducted processing fee and funded the [...]

Dealing With Multiple International Payment Platforms

Introduction Present-day globalization tendencies push more and more businesses to process payments in multiple geograp [...]

Handling Bank Account Transfers Worldwide

This article is targeted at those who need to deal with bank accounts in different countries while processing transacti [...]

Online Marketplace Model

With the success of eBay, Uber, AirBnB, and other similar online marketplaces, the concept of an online marketplace is [...]

Migrating from One Processor to Another

Every now and then gateway processing relationships have to be re-evaluated. There are numerous reasons for that. Tradi [...]

Payment Gateways II: Credit Card Convenience Fees

The purpose of this article is to familiarize merchants and resellers with the concept of transaction surcharges as an [...]

Payment Gateways: Settlement (Capture)

The purpose of this article is to discuss adequate transaction settlement (capture) mechanisms as a criterion to be con [...]

Payment Gateways: Processing Costs

The purpose of this article is to discuss credit card transaction processing cost as a criterion to be considered durin [...]

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