Credit card processing

Credit Card Processing without a Merchant Account

“Is it possible to accept credit card payments without a merchant account?” Nowadays, this question and its variati [...]

Online Marketplace Model

With the success of eBay, Uber, AirBnB, and other similar online marketplaces, the concept of an online marketplace is [...]

Payment Gateways and High Availability Concept

The purpose of this article is to familiarize payment gateway software users with the benefits of high availability and [...]

Sub-merchant Funding

The purpose of this article is to familiarize different merchant services industry players (merchants, resellers and pa [...]

Payment Concepts: Declined Card Transaction Recycling

The purpose of the current article is to familiarize merchants with the concept of declined credit card transaction rec [...]

Payment Gateways II: Introduction

In a previously published series of posts we have covered a set of basic features to be considered by merchants and res [...]

Payment Concepts: Credit Card Tokenization

This article belongs to the mini-series providing guidelines for merchants interested in attaining PCI compliance. In t [...]

Payment Concepts: Credit Card Chargebacks

Why credit card chargebacks are important The purpose of this article is to improve the understanding of the important [...]

Payment Gateways: Reporting Services

The purpose of this article is to discuss availability of financial reporting services as a criterion to be considered [...]

Payment Gateways: Fraud Protection

If this is the first time you are reading our “Selecting a Payment Gateway” mini-series, please, start with the Int [...]

Payment Gateways: Standard Features

The purpose of this article is to discuss standard features to be considered during payment gateway selection. If this [...]

Payment Gateways: Introduction

Modern market environment constantly calls for new solutions in the area of credit card processing. For many merchants [...]

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