PSP & PayFac 102

How PayFac Model Increases Your Company’s Valuation

Why PayFac model increases the company’s valuation in the eyes of investors In many of our previous articles we addressed the benefits of PayFac model.  In a comprehensive white paper on the subject we explained PayFac meaning and how to become a payment facil [...]

Best Crypto Payment Gateway Solutions for Platforms

In our previous articles on the best crypto payment gateway practices, we wrote that available gateways were mainly merchant-centric. Indeed, many cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions are available at the market. However, most of them are targeted at merchants an [...]

Gateway Selection for SaaS and PayFac Payment Platforms

PayFac payment platforms continue to emerge, thanks to growing popularity of payment facilitator model. At the same time, SaaS platforms remain among the top candidates for becoming PayFacs. Many software platforms are facing the need to incorporate payments into the [...]

Payment Facilitator Paradigm and Beyond: VAR, ISV, Next-generation ISO

In many articles we described various aspects of payment facilitator model and its implementation by different types of companies. Examples include SaaS platform providers, franchisors, and others. It is no secret that payment facilitators represent a large and impor [...]

Before Starting a Payment Facilitation Project

Payment facilitator project

Usually, the process of setting up a payment facilitator starts with the search for an acquiring partner. Often if you do not clarify all the necessary details in advance, the process of integration and implementation of your payment facilitation project may become o [...]

White Label Payment Facilitator Model

White-label Payment Facilitator

In this article we are going to explain: why businesses want to become payment facilitators, why it is difficult for many of them to adopt payment facilitator model, and why white label payment facilitator model is a convenient solution. In essence, white label PayFa [...]

Virtual Payment Facilitator Model

Virtual Payment Facilitator Model

From this article you will learn: What a virtual payment facilitator model is Why virtual payment facilitator model is a beneficial option for software platforms How to switch from virtual PayFac to real PayFac model In our previous article we explained how a softwar [...]

On the way to Payment Facilitator Model

On the way to Payment Facilitator Model

From this article you will learn: how SaaS and POS platform providers can increase their revenues if they start offering merchant services what options a software platform provider has if it decides to become a merchant service provider what is the difference between [...]

Processor-specific Platforms for Payment Facilitators: Vantiv

Platforms for Payment Facilitators: Vantiv

One of the most common questions we are asked is: “what is the best processor to partner with for a payment facilitator?” Having worked a lot with processors on behalf of payment facilitators, we have decided to share our experience of dealing with specific payme [...]

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