Explore this series of articles describing the features of Hosted, Licensed, and In-House Payment Solutions.

White Label Payment Gateway of Your Own

In spite of pandemic-driven economic recession, electronic payments go on, more or less, as usual. Moreover, we feel th [...]

Processing of Closed Loop Gift Cards

This article is dedicated to gift cards; it describes several approaches to closed loop gift card processing. Gift card [...]

Payment Processing Emulators in Payment Gateways

In this and subsequent articles we are going to address different concepts, which are relevant for payment gateway soft [...]

Handling of Convenience Fees

If you want to implement convenience fees within your payment software system or payment gateway, this article is for y [...]

Point-to-point Encryption

As new types of fraud emerge in the modern payment processing industry, the concept of point-to-point encryption (somet [...]

Challenges of Transaction Data Archiving

One of the challenges in the implementation of a payment solution is the long-term storage of the data. The primary inf [...]

Read and Connection Timeout Handling

The purpose of this article is to familiarize merchant services industry players with the mechanisms implemented in pay [...]

Hosted, Licensed and In-house Payment Gateway Solutions

With the advance of electronic payment industry and online payments in the world, and with the increase of online payme [...]

ACH and Credit Card Transaction Descriptors

The purpose of this article is to familiarize merchants and payment service providers with the concept of ACH and credi [...]

Credit Card Batch Processing Optimization

The purpose of this article is to familiarize payment card industry players with the concept of credit card batch proce [...]

Payment Gateway Branding

It is more and more common for present-day businesses to use white label payment gateway software. The purpose of this [...]

Payment Gateway Solutions

In this article we are going to address several ways of implementation of payment gateway solutions available to mercha [...]

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