The range of strategies regarding the changing world of payment processing and its multiple solutions.

Healthcare Payment Solutions for Merchants and Platforms

In this article we will explain and illustrate the benefits of integrated healthcare payment solutions. Healthcare industry is rapidly embracing electronic payment functionality. So, many healthcare specialists and platform providers are wondering which payment solut [...]

Payment Monetization for SaaS Companies

Payment monetization tactics for software-as-service business segment For a long time, payment monetization remained beyond the horizon of SaaS companies’ operations. Software-as-service platforms did not include merchant services within the scope of their activiti [...]

Your Own Payment Gateway: the Key Aspects

When people think about their own payment gateway, they, usually, focus on technical aspects. In reality, the process of owning a payment gateway requires you to establish many interconnected processes and relationships. Only after you take care of all business and t [...]

From Batch to Retail Payment Processing

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Introduction The landscape of modern payment services market is rapidly changing. More and more well established companies, using legacy software, face the problem of expansion of their existing offerings to accommodate the newer needs of the market. One of transitio [...]

From ISO to Payment Facilitator

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Recently the term “payment facilitator” has gained popularity. The role of payment facilitators at the merchant services market has grown significantly. The concept of a payment facilitator is actively promoted in the merchant services industry. Consequently, mor [...]

Implementation of EMV Payment Terminal Solution

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Many companies at the modern merchant services market are looking for an optimal card-present solution to implement. Some of these companies are expanding or re-organizing their activities (a step, which often leads to the need to choose and implement a payment termi [...]

Getting out of PCI scope

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Introduction More and more companies nowadays accept credit card payments. Payment card industry is regulated by Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which has specific security requirements. According to these requirements, each company, dealing with ca [...]

Dealing With Multiple International Payment Platforms

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Introduction Present-day globalization tendencies push more and more businesses to process payments in multiple geographical zones. Particularly, such companies include businesses, which start offering their products online internationally, and franchises, which ente [...]

Legacy System Replacement

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Introduction A lot of already-established companies are still using solutions, based on legacy software that was developed using mainframe systems. Many of these companies want to switch to newer solutions from archaic older ones. However, the process presents certai [...]

Intro: Business Solution Upgrading Challenges

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Having worked with different companies in the merchant services industry, we realized that there are certain factors, which are crucial for success or failure of projects, associated with large payment systems. We decided to write a series of articles, in which we ar [...]

Migrating from One Processor to Another

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Every now and then gateway processing relationships have to be re-evaluated. There are numerous reasons for that. Traditionally, a change of a processor for a PSP represented a new integration project for authorization and settlement, as well as moving of existing MI [...]

Payment System Integration

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The purpose of this article is to list the key phases in the payment system integration process that should be followed in order to optimize the effort, reduce integration time, and minimize the investment into the integration process. At a certain point developers o [...]

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