The range of strategies regarding the changing world of payment processing and its multiple solutions.

Your Own Payment Gateway: the Key Aspects

When people think about their own payment gateway, they, usually, focus on technical aspects. In reality, the process o [...]

From Batch to Retail Payment Processing

Introduction The landscape of modern payment services market is rapidly changing. More and more well established compan [...]

From ISO to Payment Facilitator

Recently the term “payment facilitator” has gained popularity. The role of payment facilitators at the merchant ser [...]

Implementation of EMV Payment Terminal Solution

Many companies at the modern merchant services market are looking for an optimal card-present solution to implement. So [...]

Getting out of PCI scope

Introduction More and more companies nowadays accept credit card payments. Payment card industry is regulated by Paymen [...]

Dealing With Multiple International Payment Platforms

Introduction Present-day globalization tendencies push more and more businesses to process payments in multiple geograp [...]

Legacy System Replacement

Introduction A lot of already-established companies are still using solutions, based on legacy software that was develo [...]

Intro: Business Solution Upgrading Challenges

Having worked with different companies in the merchant services industry, we realized that there are certain factors, w [...]

Migrating from One Processor to Another

Every now and then gateway processing relationships have to be re-evaluated. There are numerous reasons for that. Tradi [...]

Payment System Integration

The purpose of this article is to list the key phases in the payment system integration process that should be followed [...]

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