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Healthcare Payment Solutions for Merchants and Platforms

In this article we will explain and illustrate the benefits of integrated healthcare payment solutions. Healthcare indu [...]

Payment Solutions for African Merchants

We often get questions from African businesses searching for payment solutions, which would allow them to process elect [...]

Global Payment Solutions for Indian Platforms

Challenges of Implementing E-commerce and Online Payment Solutions in India In some of our articles we outlined the maj [...]

How SaaS Platforms Can Save on Payment Monetization

Payment Monetization: Savings and Indirect Costs Traditionally, software-as-service platforms did not provide merchant [...]

Payment Monetization for SaaS Companies

Payment monetization tactics for software-as-service business segment For a long time, payment monetization remained be [...]

Crypto Payment Functionality and Optimal Blockchain Selection

Why Crypto Currency Payment Gateway Partnerships are Important In our recent article we emphasized the increasing role [...]

The Right Crypto Payment Gateway Solution for Your Business

How to accept crypto payments within my business model? More and more online businesses are looking for optimal answers [...]

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway: The Time has Come

Is cryptocurrency payment gateway a common thing, an exotic luxury, or a not-so-distant reality? Well, cryptocurrencies [...]

Why Payment Platforms Should Support Cryptocurrencies

In our previous articles we stressed the importance of supporting different payment types, including credit/debit cards [...]

Credit Card Processing Risks: Geographical Aspect

In this article we decided to reiterate some major credit card processing risks. We keep getting questions from prospec [...]

White Label Payment Gateway and Why Businesses Implement It

Our company’s flagship product is a white label payment gateway. It helps various categories of businesses to smoothl [...]

Your Own Payment Gateway: the Key Aspects

When people think about their own payment gateway, they, usually, focus on technical aspects. In reality, the process o [...]

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