Internet-acquiring and Omni-channel Payment Platforms

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omni-channel payment
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omni-channel payment
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If you are an online business looking for a processing center to partner with, this article is for you. In it we will explain the benefits of a payment platform, specializing on internet-acquiring, as a potential partner for online businesses. The purpose of this article is to clarify the main criteria to be used as guidance when selecting a processing partner; it is designed for online businesses in search of a processor, or online businesses trying to get merchant accounts.

Omni-channel Payment Platforms

Presently, we see more and more omni-channel payment platforms appearing every day. The term “omni-channel” implies that these platforms support almost all types of payments and transactions, present on the market. However, there are many companies, specializing in some particular payment types. For example some companies specialize on processing of card-not-present transactions, while others specialize on card-present ones.

Internet acquiring is a kind of acquiring activity, focused on merchant account issuance to online businesses.

There are many payment processors (processing centers) on the market. Many of them represent omni-channel payment platforms. However, they are not always suitable candidates to partner with for online merchants.

If you are an online merchant in search of a processing center to partner with (or an online business still trying to get a merchant account), why not make your partner search more targeted? You do not necessarily need an omni-channel payment platform (as it may be a costly option, involving many unnecessary functions you will still have to pay for); maybe the most suitable potential partner is the one, specializing in internet-acquiring services.

This processing center should

  • support the necessary merchant category codes (MCC), currencies, payment types;
  • have the tools and functions you need, as well as integrations with shopping carts (or other logins for online systems, facilitating online commerce);
  • charge reasonable commissions for processing of particular types of transactions (both, one-time commissions and subscription-based regular payments);
  • support 3D secure and online anti-fraud tools;
  • have a flexible and effective customer service etc.

Also, collaboration with companies, specializing in internet-acquiring may be beneficial, because it requires lesser skills and, consequently, lesser operations capital, than partnerships with companies, which, beside internet-acquiring, work with payment terminals. These “universal” companies have to deal with respective logistics-related and other issues (also requiring additional efforts and resources) and are less focused.


If you are an online company looking for a merchant account, or an online merchant looking for a processing center, a processing platform, specializing solely on internet-acquiring may be the best option for you in terms of both budget and functionality.

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