Account Data


PIN (Personal Identification Number)

A code entered at a terminal when making a purchase, a PIN is a digital code associated with debit cards, some credit [ [...]


International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

Involving a two-letter nation code and two check digits as well as up to 30 characters called the basic bank account nu [...]


Bank Routing Number

A special unique code for a particular bank or, in some cases, a specific bank branch, a bank routing code is a [&helli [...]


BIN (Bank Identification Number)

The first six numbers in a MasterCard or Visa account number, this code identifies which bank issued the card. This ide [...]


BIC (Bank Identifier Code)

This collection of 8 to 11 numbers and letters identifies a specific bank or bank branch. It involves a four-character [...]


Account Number

Simply a series of numbers that identifies the financial transaction card or account type and the account holder specif [...]

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