How payments work

How SaaS Platforms Can Save on Payment Monetization

Payment Monetization: Savings and Indirect Costs Traditionally, software-as-service platforms did not provide merchant and processing services. Merchant services were provided by ISOs and other intermediary entities. Presently, however, SaaS platforms are in position [...]

How to Implement a SoftPOS Solution

Key approaches to and aspects of SoftPOS solution implementation Intro: the benefits of a SoftPOS solution for retail point of sale In one of our recent articles we described the concept of software point of sale systems or SoftPOS. Are you a software platform, a sho [...]

Why Payment Platforms Should Support Cryptocurrencies

In our previous articles we stressed the importance of supporting different payment types, including credit/debit cards, loyalty/gift cards, ACH, and cryptocurrency payments. The more payment types your platform supports, the more diversified your customer base and r [...]

How a SaaS Platform Can Profit from Credit Card Processing

In this article we will revisit some details of becoming a payment facilitator in the case of a SaaS platform. As we wrote in several previous articles, some companies are pre-disposed to becoming PayFacs. These include SaaS companies, venture capital and private equ [...]

What payment gateways do companies like Uber/AirBnB use

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“What payment system does Airbnb use?”, “Who is the payment gateway and processor behind Uber?”, “What payment processor/gateway do big websites use like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc?” These are the typical questions, which are asked by many [...]

Is it Time to Switch to a New Payment Gateway Solution?

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As merchant services industry is rapidly moving forward, new payment gateway solutions are emerging. These new solutions often offer new functionality. They are more flexible and capable of satisfying the new needs of merchants and resellers/ISO/Payment Facilitators. [...]

How to Streamline Merchant Onboarding and Provisioning

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This article is primarily targeted at payment facilitators and payment aggregators. As we wrote in our previous articles, in order to process online payments, an entity must obtain a merchant account. This process involves two aspects: underwriting (sometimes also ca [...]

Handling of Convenience Fees

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If you want to implement convenience fees within your payment software system or payment gateway, this article is for you. In payment card industry context a convenience fee is a fee charged for card processing. It allows the merchant to pass the cost of card process [...]

HSM, Tokenization Appliance, or Both?

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New encryption methods and technologies emerge and evolve. Many companies and individuals have questions about specific features of different encryption solutions. In this article, we are going to explain the differences between hardware security modules (HSM) and to [...]

Saving on Merchant Services Fees (Part 2)

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In this article we are going to explain how large-size merchants, PSPs, and MSPs can reduce and save on merchant services fees. Merchant services fees: merchant perspective Transaction processing industry is organized in such a way, that there are several parties in [...]

How to Save on Merchant Services Fees

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In this article we are going to address the question of how merchants can, potentially, reduce their costs by optimizing the size of merchant services fees they pay. In order to save on merchant services fees you need to know their structure and understand where spec [...]

How to decrease transaction decline rate in recurring billing?

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How to reduce the number of credit card transaction declines in recurring billing environment? There are many common reasons behind soft declines and hard declines. Many payment declines result from the fact that either expiration date or credit card number specified [...]

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