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The purpose of this educational resource is two-fold. First, as technical experts in the payment industry, we want to help you gain better understanding of the industry (beyond merchant services 101”) and increase your knowledge of the payment management cycle. Second, as developers of an enterprise scale payment gateway and recurring billing management platform, we want to share with you our vision of technology that make various types of payment processing possible.

For the last 10 years, our team had to deal with almost every aspect of the enterprise payment processing software. From basic gateway functionality, to sophisticated subscription billing logic, to elaborate payment aggregation and remittance algorithms, our team had to overcome many challenges to satisfy ever-evolving needs of the rapidly expanding electronic payments industry.

This blog is our attempt to create an interactive learning resources for people who work in the payment processing industry and dealing with merchant services, payment gateways and payment processing in general on daily basis. We attempt to cover the most relevant issues of the day and go reasonably deep in the technical details behind various payment processing concepts so that our readers can not only get informed, but also gain sufficient knowledge to advance their own development efforts.

We want to emphasize that our payment blog is interactive. Your questions are welcome and they will all get answered. If there a topic you would like us to cover, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will research the subject of your interest and deliver our objective opinion or advice, taking into consideration our existing experience and know-how.

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