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ACH Return Codes and Best Ways to Handle Them

ACH return codes remain in focus of both analysts and businesses. Plenty of businesses in the US process ACH payments on daily basis. Acceptance of ACH payments presents businesses with various questions, some of which we will try to discuss here. The typical common [...]

Recurring Revenue Business Model

Recurring revenue management is an essential aspect of any subscription-based business. Recurring revenue analysis provides many important clues and insights into the company’s operations. It is one of the decisive factors of a subscription-based company’s valuat [...]

Web Tokens as an Important Embedded Payments Feature

In several previous articles we have described the embedded finance model and some of the key embedded payments features. In this article we would like to address the importance of support for web tokens within embedded payment solutions. Nowadays, platforms become m [...]

How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Your Business

Merchant acquirer, Processor, Gateway: who is who?

Recently we have been receiving questions like: “Who bears the risk of underwriting: the gateway, the payment processor, or the merchant acquirer?” or “Why do some gateways ask about existing acquiring partner or merchant acquirer bank relationships while other [...]

EMV Certification in a Nutshell

The purpose of this article is to familiarize integrators with EMV processing, help merchants understand the process of EMV certification and estimate its cost. What is EMV certification? EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, and denotes a worldwide transactio [...]

PSPs, Payment Facilitators, and Aggregators

The terms payment service providers (PSP), payment facilitators, and payment aggregators can have slightly different meanings depending on the region, but they refer to similar types of entities. Anyway, the three different concepts do exist, no matter how you might [...]

What payment gateways do companies like Uber/AirBnB use

“What payment system does Airbnb use?”, “Who is the payment gateway and processor behind Uber?”, “What payment processor/gateway do big websites use like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc?” These are the typical questions, which are asked by many [...]

Offline Processing: Store-and-forward

The purpose of this article is to describe the store-and-forward mechanism implemented in payment gateway software in the cases when transaction processing becomes impossible due to temporary loss of connectivity with the processing “back end” (for instance, a ba [...]

Read and Connection Timeout Handling

The purpose of this article is to familiarize merchant services industry players with such concepts as read timeout and connection timeout. We will address the mechanisms implemented in payment gateway software for the cases when transaction processing becomes imposs [...]

Explaining Electronic payment processing:

Crypto Payment Functionality and Optimal Blockchain Selection

Why Crypto Currency Payment Gateway Partnerships are Important In our recent article we emphasized the increasing role of crypto payment gateway solutions in the payment industry. Indeed, as crypto currency is becoming a popular investment instrument and payment mean [...]

SoftPOS Solutions

SoftPOS solutions are rapidly gaining popularity among both buyers and sellers (particularly, SME segment). In our previous articles we wrote a lot about contactless payments, mobile and in-app processing techniques. However, we never specifically focused on the Soft [...]

Best Crypto Payment Gateway Solutions for Platforms

In our previous articles on the best crypto payment gateway practices, we wrote that available gateways were mainly merchant-centric. Indeed, many cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions are available at the market. However, most of them are targeted at merchants an [...]

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