How PayFac Model Increases Your Company’s Valuation

Why PayFac model increases the company’s valuation in the eyes of investors In many of our previous articles we addressed the benefits of PayFac model.  In a comprehensive white paper on the subject we explained PayFac meaning and how to become a payment facil [...]

Healthcare Payment Solutions for Merchants and Platforms

In this article we will explain and illustrate the benefits of integrated healthcare payment solutions. Healthcare industry is rapidly embracing electronic payment functionality. So, many healthcare specialists and platform providers are wondering which payment solut [...]

Payment Solutions for African Merchants

We often get questions from African businesses searching for payment solutions, which would allow them to process electronic payments internationally. So, in this article we will try to outline the key options available for and problems faced by African merchants. &n [...]

Global Payment Solutions for Indian Platforms

Challenges of Implementing E-commerce and Online Payment Solutions in India In some of our articles we outlined the major issues that Indian merchants face when implementing international payment solutions. In this article we will try to explain, how a company can bu [...]

How SaaS Platforms Can Save on Payment Monetization

Payment Monetization: Savings and Indirect Costs Traditionally, software-as-service platforms did not provide merchant and processing services. Merchant services were provided by ISOs and other intermediary entities. Presently, however, SaaS platforms are in position [...]

Payment Monetization for SaaS Companies

Payment monetization tactics for software-as-service business segment For a long time, payment monetization remained beyond the horizon of SaaS companies’ operations. Software-as-service platforms did not include merchant services within the scope of their activiti [...]

How to Implement a SoftPOS Solution

Key approaches to and aspects of SoftPOS solution implementation Intro: the benefits of a SoftPOS solution for retail point of sale In one of our recent articles we described the concept of software point of sale systems or SoftPOS. Are you a software platform, a sho [...]

Crypto Payment Functionality and Optimal Blockchain Selection

Why Crypto Currency Payment Gateway Partnerships are Important In our recent article we emphasized the increasing role of crypto currency payment gateway solutions in the payment industry. Indeed, as crypto currency is becoming a popular investment instrument and pay [...]

SoftPOS Solutions

SoftPOS solutions are rapidly gaining popularity among both buyers and sellers (particularly, SME segment). In our previous articles we wrote a lot about contactless payments, mobile and in-app processing techniques. However, we never specifically focused on the Soft [...]

Best Crypto Payment Gateway Solutions for Platforms

In our previous articles on the best crypto payment gateway practices, we wrote that available gateways were mainly merchant-centric. Indeed, many cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions are available at the market. However, most of them are targeted at merchants an [...]

The Right Crypto Payment Gateway Solution for Your Business

How to accept crypto payments within my business model? More and more online businesses are looking for optimal answers to this question. To accept and process crypto payments, you have to choose a crypto payment gateway solution, that suits your business paradigm. O [...]

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway: The Time has Come

Is cryptocurrency payment gateway a common thing, an exotic luxury, or a not-so-distant reality? Well, cryptocurrencies and blockchain or distributed ledger technologies have been around for quite a while now. However, due to high volatility, crypto remained somewher [...]

PCI Compliance News

PCI compliance and PA DSS compliance have been the main topics of many articles published on our blog. However, we feel that a quick update on the subject won’t hurt. Indeed, pandemic made even more people than before prefer electronic payments to cash. Reason: con [...]

Why Payment Platforms Should Support Cryptocurrencies

In our previous articles we stressed the importance of supporting different payment types, including credit/debit cards, loyalty/gift cards, ACH, and cryptocurrency payments. The more payment types your platform supports, the more diversified your customer base and r [...]

Credit Card Processing Risks: Geographical Aspect

In this article we decided to reiterate some major credit card processing risks. We keep getting questions from prospective merchants and startup businesses. They want to know what the key risks of credit card issuing and processing are. Questions like: “what is th [...]

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